Why I love my Tonewood Amp so much!

Updated: Apr 1

Breathing in fresh air, being outdoors, at stunning wildlife sceneries, making music and… capturing the moment! That’s what I’ve always wanted to do....

Whether it’s on a glacier in Alaska, a majestic waterfall in Iceland, or the coast rocks in Shetland, in a beautiful flower field in my own country, in the hills or the park,... Just me, my acoustic guitar and my voice… Feeling freedom and gratitude for being alive and capturing these feelings of freedom forever! For that, there’s one thing I take with me wherever I go that's the best thing ever in the world for my guitar: my TonewoodAmp! ;-) This is an astounding magnetic amp I patch on the back of my acoustic guitar, so I can play acoustic effects, unplugged, wherever I go! From reverb to overdrive!

... and I've got 4 main reasons why I love, love, love my Tonewood Amp!

1. Acoustic creativity!

When I play the acoustic guitar with my TonewoodAmp, I’m always amazed by which ideas, riffs, and styles of playing pop up! Each time I use it I approach my guitar with a new, fresh sense of creativity. The effects create that extra spark of magic and inspiration, and I find new ideas I otherwise wouldn’t be finding, because it sounds so unique and different!

2. Feeling like an acoustic nomad, who's always on a new adventure!

My TonewoodAmp is a really versatile little box and I love its mobility! I have this wonderful 'ka-ching' feeling when I play my acoustic on the road, like I'm a real out-of-the-box adventurer :-) ! Music and adventures come together when I'm expressing myself through my art. I really blossom because of this. This is such a fantastic nomadic box for acoustic magic and I simply LOVE that :-) .

3. My audience loves it!

My audience has shown wonderful reactions since I've used my TonewoodAmp: on livestreams, live unplugged in front of a small group of people, and on my music videos! This magical device has already caused some ‘cherry- on- the –pie’- moments them.

4. It's sooooooooooo practical :-) !!!

Hallelujah, just one cable and pressing a power button! That’s like the best thing ever for a person like me that is clumsy from time to time! Less feelings of uncertainty, more feelings of acoustic magic, YAY :-D !!!

As you can see, I couldn't ever miss it anymore.

Yentl, do you know any disadvantages? Batteries you can only use once can be empty fast. So use the right rechargeable ones. Tonewood Amp recomments Tenavolts AA, with 2775mWh 1,5 volts with its recharger. I use the Panasonic Eneloop 2450 mAh with a recharger. Both would do a great job! I'm happy with mine.

Good to know when you buy If this amp is travelling towards you by airplane, it might have to pass customs, so that might be an extra payment for you to make outside of buying it. I did have to do that myself, but I'm glad I have because I couldn't miss this amp for the world ;-) !

Conclusion? I'm in love with this amp. It's the best! And I learn a lot from it, too!

Love what you've been reading so far?

Wanna spark your own acoustic artistry & creativity? Feeling like an acoustic adventurer, having goosebumps of the acoustic sound effects? Have your audiences enjoying your performances more, with the beautiful enriched sounds of your acoustic guitar? Feeling the relief of this great practical little but versatile nomadic music hub? Well that’s possible, and when buying it you don't have to pay the full amount of money. Click here for a $25 off to buy your own Tonewood Amp through me.

To get started on the Tonewood Amp, go here to find the great video and PDF manual.

I wish you very much fun using it, and otherwise, hope to bring you more music and good vibes soon! ;-) Best of wishes, Yentl

*this blog contains an affiliate URL, which means that if you buy a Tonewood Amp through my link, I earn some money on that. This comes at no extra cost to you. It's a 'refer a friend' discount link. In my heart I'm totally an ambassador for this ingenious amp, I use it for real and I can't recommend it enough for writing, feeling like an acoustic nomad, livestreaming, creating music video and audio, traveling, and so on!

And for that, I happily give you a discount opportunity ;-) !

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